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Friday, March 9, 2012

All the buttons and threads that make up my life to date.

Once again, another fail at trying to be good about keep you all up to date.  I have been plenty busy though and have lots to talk about.  January was rounded off well and February came and went with in a flash.  It is amazing to think this week will mark 6 months of living and working here in Florida.  Yep, you better believe that I will be in the office bright and early asking for my 6 month raise come Tuesday. 

Toward the end of January I was finally able to cash in my first ever NHL game experience and watched the Tampa Bay Lighting beat the Washington capitals in over time.  It was great to finally be back ice side since Brett Sports and Spokane Chiefs hockey was such a large part of my life these past 4 winters.  The game was a much faster game and the skating was much cleaner but I will say I still love the rawness of Jr. Hockey.  My first NHL game was a success and hopefully someday I will be able to make another game.  Maybe a trip and a Devils game with my Big Brother…Beers, Bros, and Ice!

In February some of us interns decided that we were tired of going to the same bars time after time and created “Adventure Fridays”.  I will report my favorite thus far was finally going “Joyland Country Club”.  Not quite a “Big Al’s Country Club” like at home but all in all a good time.  Joyland is much more of a line dancing hall as apposed to a country swing hall like Big Al’s.  Since that first visit I have been back for line dance classes.  Talk about a good time. Old people getting down right next to hot girls in short shorts….oh and cheap beer too ($1.00 Red Solo Cup Night anyone)!
I also found the Florida State Fair this past February….yes it was weird to be at the fair in February.  It was not only my first Florida fair but also my first ever state fair.  I didn’t find any Fair Scones like I know from the Washington State Fair but I did find anything and everything possible fried.  Pickles (SO GOOD), every candy bar you could imagine, sticks of butter, and even Kool-Aid (don’t ask me how).  I saw an alligator show and met Landon (small boy that got to go up on stage and play with the gators, watched a lumberjack competition with floating log running, watched the National Elvis Impersonator Competition semifinals,  saw and fed a huge giraffe, saw the bears sponsered by the owner of the Yankees, visited an old fashion town called “Cracker County”, and ate so many fair foods.  It was s full day of people watching and good laughs.  I even got a little sun burnt too.  Talks about “Pauly D. Problems” when I used my apricot face scrub the next morning and my face peeled like crazy (yes that was a season 5 Jersey Shore reference). 


Valentines Day also came and went and I really felt the love this year.  I usually am against forced actions of love on this day each year because I feel like love and special actions should be shown all the time and year round, but this year I gave in.  I sent out a couple small care packages and I was sent special gifts each day of the week until Valentines Day.  Thank you all for your special gifts! 

Weeks ago I went over to
Saint Amends Circle
and visited the 2012 Ferrari Car Show. 

Talk about a ton of money parked in one area!  There I even found a car that I wanted to get my nephew Cannon.  I also wanted to share this fun picture set.  This is a car that I really liked and wanted to drive off in.

This was the owner of that car (yes I creepered this picture from a distance).  One, how does she own this car, and can I also own it?

At work I have been extremely busy.  In the past month I have helped in the organization and move of FST’s entire costume storage in preparation for our 6.4 million dollar renovation and expansion of the Gompertz’s theatre on campus, I over saw the pull and remount of Sophie Tucker – The Last of the Red Hot Mammas, prepped the next three shows that will be starting/opening in the next 6 weeks, and I have been spending lots of time do my own pattern making with a new system.  I have been working tons of hours and sadly been missing my time spent on the beach, but I really feel like the higher ups here are seeing my work and successes.  Even just this week I was invited to take part in a director/designer concept meeting.  I feel like I was able to give some good ideas and thoughts on the upcoming show.  After the conference call the director asked me if I had any questions or thoughts and I did.  She kept using the word “Iconic” and I brought up that that really stuck with me.  After a good talk about how that could help in the build of this show, and some looking at some of Hoppers paintings the director was really seeing some good things for the show that she didn’t even think of when just on the phone.  I HELPED!!!!!  She was very pleased with me and even asked me to come up with some more ideas and research on iconic looks and we would meet again soon.  HOLY SHIT!!!!

Besides work I have been busy in my personal life too.  I recently have jumped back on the workout world trying to lose some pounds and shape up for Caitlynn and Ben’s wedding in July.  I hope to be under 200 at that point and super tan come that late July weekend.  I have also continued looking into options I have come September when my internship is over.  I hope to be able to go up to New York City come summer and set up a couple meetings with connections of some friends already working on stages there.  All that off work excitement aside, my biggest news to report is the purchase of my New York Yankees Spring Training game against the Baltimore Oriels here in town. 
Last weekend I spent all morning at the Oriels Training Practice and felt right at home like working my last 5 summers at the Avista Stadium with Indians Baseball.  My game is on the 18th this month and you can bet there will be a post show review. 
Things have been warming up here which is great form my soon to be tan skin.  It has been getting a bit muggy which I am daily assured that will be the usual…in all honestly, I know it will be humid.  I will get use to it already!

What I come home to everyday after work. View from my front yard

My life the next three weeks will consist of work in the shop in the mornings and dressing Miss Kathy Halenda (plays Sophie Tucker) each evening.  The show opened Monday and was paired with FST’s annual fundraising event.  This year the theme was “Hard Hats and Tails” in collaboration with the New Gompertz Theatre construction (one of our two Main Stage theatres).  The donors paid $150.00 a ticket for dinner and the show and then FST hoped to get more out of them.  The night was full of formals and tuxes and was a good time.  
Tommy Rosati, DJ Krams, Kristin Kerr, Court Alfrey, Kayliane Burns
Taken by Sarasota Magazine at Hard Hat and Tails - FST
Everyday here is different in ways and I miss my family at home and on stage but I am doing well.  No worries for this small town kid with big city dreams.  I was even able to watch the DVD of Next to Normal last week and also watched the behind the scenes DVD that was made by Ashley Picciallo (played Natalie).  It was rough and makes me miss them even more but I am glad to here they are all doing well back at home.  Hopefully I can meet up with a couple of them if I make it up to the city this summer.  You have to love how money will be the factor in that.  I am doing well but things are always on the watch you know.  Just days ago I was able to pay off my Whitworth due student loans in full leaving only my one set of federal loans.  It feels so freeing to be finished with one set of loans.  I am grateful for my education and where it is taking me these days.  Today I formally asked for a small stipend raise and was quickly reassured that it was being taken care of and I should soon see my negotiated amount.  Every little bit extra helps.

This all seems a bit of a hog-pog of thoughts but I wanted to catch you all up.  I miss you all!  From the stage left wing of Sophie Tucker, as Paul Harvey would say, “Until next time.”

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