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Friday, March 9, 2012 really.

Warning: This post contains a picture of a body wound!!!

For those of you that haven't heard, last night I was able to view the inside of the Sarasota Memorial Hospital ER.  I went for a little visit!  As Sophie Tucker - The Last of The Red Hot Mammas was closing, I was walking Kathy back to the dressing room and that's when it all happened.  I looked back to make eye contact with her mid conversation when I ran my left shoulder into an old fashion wall sconce that lights "Actors Alley" (the hidden walkway to and from the dressing rooms to the stage in the Gompertz Theatre).  I shook it all off and went on with getting Kathy undressed.  I soon found a good sized hole in my arm....this is the point if you don't like cuts you will want to sconce down quickly...
After getting her settled I cleaned  the gash out and continued with a scheduled photo shoot with the actors.  After the photo shoot I texted a couple wound pictures to my two nursing friends asking if they thought I needed stitches.  After they and my mom talked me into it, in fear of a bad scar, I was off to the ER at 12:30 AM.  I was checked into the waiting room and given my name I wouldn't get lost I was told.
After finally making it back to the hospital room all my info was taken and I was given an updated tetanus shot just to be safe since the lantern I hit was so old.  I was asked to get into a gown (I was so stoked!) and then they saw I was in a sleeveless tee and told me never mind.  So much for for finally getting to live out my dream of walking around the hospital bare assed.  The doctor soon came in to see me and work was started on my arm.  He was super cool and had a great sense of humor...and let me tell you, he had to with all the shit I was giving him trying to be extra happy since some of the nurses weren't.  Yes, I'm that guy that tries to make people happy when they are down....even at 2:30 AM.  I told the doctor,
"I have a weird question."
"Okay, what you got?"
"Well, I work at Florida Studio Theatre and I am the costume intern there.  I sew and stuff for a living and on a regular basis use all sorts of stitches in my work.  Will you be using a certain type of stitch on my arm today?  I mean, are there different kinds of stitches?"
Doctor laughing a bit, "Yeah there are I guess.  There are running stitches, cross stitches and others.  Lets take a look and see what we got here."

After cleaning me up, and numbing the area on my arm,
"Well, on you I am doing a simple interrupted stitch.  I wouldn't try and use this stitch on your wardrobe stuff unless you want things to fall apart."
Me laughing, "Sounds good."

I also decided to be that guy again asking,
"So does this mean I get a sticker for getting my tetanus shot?"
Laughing he said, "Sure."
We both talked about productions showing at FST and what I wanted to be.  We also talked about shows he has seen on Broadway.  He was a great time!  I was coached on my stitch care for the next week and he was off wishing me the best of luck on my career and life.
After being discharged I was walking out and realized I never got my sticker!  I asked the front desk people for one and they looked at me like I was crazy.  Not a thing in the ER huh?  I even asked the valet guy outside if he had any kind of sticker and he laughed at me.  You cant blame a guy for trying right?

‎Long story short: 3 hours in the ER, 1 almost worn hospital gown, 1 updated tetanus shot, 4 stitches (yes I asked the Doc what type of stitch he would be using on me), multiple askings to the nurses/Doc if I was going to get a sticker for being a big boy with my shot, and one self taken photo shoot in the hospital room later I was finally sent home.

Workman's Comp. claims were filed today and FST will be covering my bills I guess. I will make another visit back to the ER in a week when it is time to take out the stitches.  Well, I guess now I can say I have been sent to a ER and Sarasota/Sophie Tucker has left its mark on me forever.


  1. Court, I will forever love you for asking the doctor what kind of stitches he was putting in your arm...!

    1. I mean, every single moment in life should be used as a learning experience. And now I know how to use the stitch incase I ever need it lost in the wilderness :)