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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Managing the shop and my life.

Hello all still with me.  Yes, it has been over two months since my last post and I am sorry.  My hiatus is not because I had nothing to write about but because I haven’t had much time to write.  I have been thinking of you all though....honest.  I feel like it would be rough to try and highlight my entire 2 months away, but I will try and give a couple things to catch you up on my life.

Since my last couple posts I have seem many shows come across my work table, machine, and desk.  Remember 2 months ago we had three operating theatres on any given night.  The last two months of shows consisted of...

·  Keating Theatre:
o Next Fall was running at nights and Closed.
o Under Six and 7Up (Children’s Write a Play piece) were Teched and currently running in the mornings for local schools.
o Jericho (World Premier) was Teched after Next Fall and Currently running at nights.
·  The Goldstein Cabaret Theatre:
o Shake Rattle and Roll was Running and Closed in this space.
o Reel Music Teched and is Currently running 10 shows a week.
·  The Gompertz Theatre:
o The Last Romance was Playing at nights and Closed.
o Sophie Tucker Last of the Red Hot Mammas Teched and opened as a Special Event running 4 weeks (This is the show I recently dressed).
o Shake Rattle and Roll moved to this theatre for a 2 week extension due to its popularity and Closed.
o The Gompertz Theatre went and is currently under renovation and the new theatre wing that will hold one more Cabaret Theatre, a Lab Theatre, a new full time bar and restaurant, new bathrooms, new dressing rooms, etc. is being constructed and set for a soft opening In late July.  The Renovated Gompertz Theatre will hold our Summer # 3 show.
·  Extra shows:
o Our associate director is taking her one women show previously done here at FST on the road to a theatre in New Hampshire for a short special event run.  We prepped all things needed and sent them on a plain with her.

Mind you, as a part of the production team, besides my stitching and dressing duties, I am responsible for helping strike, load in/set, hang/focus lights, etc. to get all these shows up and running.  I have been a busy boy!

Besides that I have been working on my own designed dresses again, managed the costume shop by myself for a week when my supervisor was out of town for conference, booked my trip home to Seattle, Kellogg, and Spokane in the middle-end of July, and turned down FST's offer to stay another year with them.  Yep, that means come September 2, 2012 I am jobless and without a place to live.  Now, the current thought in your head is, "What are you doing after that and where will you be going?".  Correct?  Well, plain and simple....I don't know and nothing is planned.  Yes, am quietly freaking out inside!  AND, YES, that means I will be home soon!!!!!!! July can not come fast enough!!!!!!

Other happenings since my last post:
·  My arm has healed and I have a huge scar on my favorite shoulder (yes I have....had a favorite).
·  I went to the New York Yankees Spring training game against the .
·  I got a gig bartending at the Keating theatre before shows and am making tips on top of my current stipend.
·  Met multiple new casts, designers, directors, etc. and have made more contacts and friends.
·  Been to the beach and a couple pools in town that we break into.
· Have been working on my tan as things continue to warm up here.
·  Am planning my FIRST EVER trip to Disney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
·  And have been to Joyland Country Dance Hall and am working on my status as a regular.

Also recently I have been missing home and the good old days more.  A year ago this weekend I was sitting with my fellow theatre majors and walking across the stage getting my college degree after 4 years or tests, trials, and hours of hard work and play.  I see how much I miss those people in my life and those moments of exploration.  Don't get me wrong though... I have loved my current times spent and what I have been doing and learning.  I am proud to be a Whitworth Theatre Alum and I am proud of those that have come before me, with me, and after me.  I am honored to be a part of this family.

Well, that’s life.  Nothing wild and crazy, but defiantly a lot of hard work, some play, and memories to boot.  I am currently working on trying to figure out my life come three months from now.  Who knows where I will be and where my boxes will be shipped but I am excited.  I am learning to trust more and just jump.  As I was just finishing up my thoughts here Pandora chose to play this song.  Dream Big by Ryan Shupe & The Rubber Band.  Its words remind me to go for my dream and to see what happens.

I miss you all and hope the start of your summers off well.  I will be better about posting more as my next years plans arrive.  Love you all and blessings!

 P.S. Here are some random pictures from the past 2 months.
Hospital waiting room to get my stitches out.

Kathy and I after closing night.

Orioles team at Spring Training Practice.
Yankees warm up for Spring Training Game in Sarasota, FL.

My game view from a $10.00 standing room seat.

Yankees dugout.

As night falls on the game.  Felt like summer in Spokane!
Final Score :(  But an amazing time still.

Only in Sarasota do people drive to Super Target like this.

My designers hard at work shopping aStein Mart.

NO ONE should EVER even try to eat this candy bar!
One of my favorite customers to visit my bar. Yes, thats her own over 70 year old hair. Note this is a classy creeper photo.
Lets leave this one at, I motorboated those cougar boobs(Pink top). I didn't even ask, I was just grabbed and pushed into them.  "Totally real" if there was any question!
Anna Marie Island City Pier.

Foundation set for the new Gompertz Wing.

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