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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Preping for Final Alterations and Stitches

I know, it's been far to long and I hate it too.  I do very often think about you still reading and even those that I have lost touch with this year.  Yep, almost a year.  I have been living in the sun, sand, and threads of Florida and about finished what I've come to is the rough part...I am not yet ready to let this all go and wrote this post.  Instead I wanted to briefly catch you up on life since my last post.

As much fun as pointing everything I have done is, long story short, and really what most people seem to want to know at this point, I am moving!  Mid July I finally was able to come home to Washington and Idaho for just under 2 weeks.  I attended and joined in the marriage of my best friend Cait and her hubby Ben's wedding in beautiful Downtown Seattle on the Rooftop Terrace of the Red Lion Resort.  I then spent a couple nights at home home with Mom and then back to Spokane to see the guys, family, friends, and meet my 2nd Nephew Cannon for the first time in person.  Just as cute and then some in person vs. Skype.  Where my trip was a total blast, I didn't get to see everyone and do everything like I could when I was still living there.  I left feeling rejuvenated but also, a bit cut again forced to leave the ones and area I love so much.  I can't wait for the day to finally end up in the Inland North West working.

I came back and jumped right back into the last of the summer season show.  It opened last Friday and is a beautiful and hilarious show in our newly renovated theatre.  My supervisor hit here summer vacation after opening and for my last 3 weeks I'm flying solo manning the costume shop and any needs from the two currently running productions.  Lots of cleaning, filing, personal projects, and prepping for the new intern to take my place....Although the girl that was supposed to take my position just backed out and my position is again open for applications.....I'm not staying that's for sure!

And now the news,  I will be packing my bags and shipping boxes home come September 2, 2012 and moving to New York City, New York!!!  I am just going to do it!!!  My plan that really can't be planned is to go, couch hop, find a friends place to sublet, make a couple appointments and knock on doors with my portfolio and resume and see if I can find a place that will let me dress.  I figure I will give it a couple months and then reassess when all my money is gone....lets hope I don't get to that point.

Pray please!  I have learned not everything can always be planned in black and white.  I am going to trust the Lord will help and provide in small ways for me. 

That's the news!  It's official!  The hardest part is the actually saying and sharing it all!  I want you all to be proud because I am finally feeling it myself.  Here is to my last 3 weeks....

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