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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

All the clothes, all the resumes, all the hopes and dreams.

What a couple of weeks it has been since I last wrote.  My life has been filled with many last and even more first.  I finished up my internship in Florida on September 2, 2012 and moved to NYC the same morning.  I am currently staying with a beautiful friend from college and will with another great college friend soon.  In only a few days in the city I have tried to gather myself in hopes that starting to look for work would go smooth and easy.  After all I don’t really feel safe looking for a place to live without a paycheck coming in.  I mean, I have a little savings but only a less than two months rent worth depending on the type and location of a place.

On Sunday my lovely hostess picked me up from JFK and took me to a wonderful brunch at the Uptown Kitchenette.  Check out their website if you are ever planning to be in the area and want decedent foods. 
Uptown kitchenette
After eating and waddling home we napped and chilled at home for the evening with roomies.
Roof top view 7 stories up in Harlem looking toward downtown.

A little shot from the apartment window.  If you can see the leaves on some of the pants are starting to change!  I get seasons again this year!

The next morning we woke and I was cooked breath taking Trader Joe's Pumpkin Pancakes and Eggs and three of us were off to Brooklyn for their take at Carnival.  We arrived late we knew but figured we could catch some fun and eat great food.  We did and in fact, when we left around 4pm the parade was still going and people were still out in mass.  So much culture in one place!  It was great to see and fun to be a part of.  Once again we ate more delicious a food... seems to be the normal I'm learning.

This morning was unlike any morning I have ever had.  I woke, packed my backpack with resumes and letters, and headed down town to paper the Broadway with my information, smile, and personality.  In roughly 5 1/2 hours I walked from and all around 42-65th street handing out 18 resume packets to stage doors for Wardrobe Supervisors.  I also dropped by the Theatrical Wardrobe Union Local 764 offices and submitted my application in person.  The Union reps I met seemed very nice and welcomed me to the city.  I was told I should have no problem with my application as, "I looked highly qualified and seemed to have wonderful references,".  A couple people and I discussed waving my living standards on my application as I move here 2 days ago instead of having lived here already for the asked 18 months.  The application committee will me like always at the end of the month and I was told I would hear from them soon.  They also encouraged me to paper the city and gave me a few pointers and words of encouragement and sent me on my merry way.
Union Lobby.

A shot of the city.
Now, I sit at a Starbucks just off Columbus Circle where I once performed a street happening my sophomore year of college on a Jan term study trip.  I remember sitting in this very coffee shop with my team trying to warm up from the January freeze and discussing what our skit would in tale.  Oh the memories.

The city is so fast paced and people come and go in a flash as I glance out the window overlooking the circle.  People don't smile very often and I am trying to learn the no eye contact rules that most live by.  It truly makes me sad though that there is little interacting with so many people always around.  Maybe my small town smile will brighten someone’s day.

So, today’s recap, over 18 resumes delivered, I had a bucket of water tossed at me from an above apartment while walking in the city(not going to think about what its contents was), had the Naked Cowboy physically run into me while I stood at a street corner waiting for the crossing sign to change, so Elmo headless(childhood memories and beliefs shattered), and had a man ask me if I had any spare change to help him buy weed(at least he was honest).  All in all, not a bad first day looking for dressing work in NYC.
You're welcome ladies.

Wrong on so many levels.
Thanks you again for all the love and support from the very special people in my life.

P.S.  A wonderful shout out to two of my favorite people Taylor and Courtney on there engagement last night in Hawaii after 6 1/2 years together.  They will be married on Saturday there and our friends and family will be able to join in the celebration via live video feed.  A couple that I know will last forever.  Love you guys!
The happy couple!

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  1. Yay! I thank you so much Court for the kind words! It truly was a special time and I'm so happy that you are in our lives. Now to plan the reception/gigantic party!