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Monday, September 17, 2012

Stirring the pot and watching the dye set.

Well, two weeks in, starting on three, and I feel as though I am the dye in a dying bucket.  I have dropped just over 40 resumes (the dye in this analogy) in two weeks time and I am learning to wait (stirring the water and color checking the dye) for things to fall into place.  Yes, I am continuing to email people, drop off thank you cards, and even find more and more places to submit my credentials at.  Someday, I'll be signing a contract (adding salt to set the final stages of the die) and finding myself working my first city gig.  Maybe if I hit (bleed my dye) enough desks people will realize color (me) is far better than white (the boring people they are working with now) and make their lives a bit more wild and creative.  Don’t judge, I had something to do with dye and the color spreading in water last night in my dream, thus I equivolate it to my work at the moment.  Plus, I had to come up with a clever costumey title to carry on my themes of my blog.  Don't judge that either.

The end of week one wrapped up with a couple fun events.  I took part in the NFL kick off party in Time Square eating free pizza, playing games, and taking the Pepsi challenge.  I eve found myself on a NYC Time Square billboard.  You better believe I snapped a couple shots of that to show the nephews when I'm old and grey.

NFL Kick Off

More NFL Kick Off

T.S. Billboard

As much fun as this week has been I found myself very distraught one afternoon finding MY idea for NYC work was stolen!  Recap...the evening before my world was rocked I was telling friends how there was the Naked Cowboy, and me being a Native American myself, should create work being the Naked Indian.  I would have suction cup arrows to keep the kids safe and I could be part of Cowboy and Indian wars in Time Square...back to reality...WRONG!!!  Someone took my idea and already ran with it!
I was also very confused when just one more block away from Cowboy and FAKE Indian was Asian Naked Cowboy….Hum.....  Oh!, and this random old guy in a bikini was around that part of town too.  I think I may have to make it a mission to candidly capture all the naked people in NYC!  Mission...I may think so.

I also finished off my week with a beautiful wedding via Skype to Hawaii for two of the most amazing people I know.  Not a very good picture, but I figured I wanted at least on picture to prove I attended the wedding.

Taylor and Courtney.
 Week two found me at another college friend’s apartment in Astoria.  I like the area a lot with its slower pace and more community feel.  Harlem was beautiful too, both places are just different in many ways.  The cute little 24 hour fruit stands in Astoria make me want to eat fruit ever moment I see them too!  I think I stopped by at least once each day in the past 4 days.

So yes, this week has been all about exploring Astoria as this is the area that everyone seems to think I should live.  I’m told it is much cheaper and still just as easy to get to and from the city; it is much younger and more artist live there; and you get more space and friendly neighbors more often.  It is a beautiful area that’s for sure and yes, the subways to and from are newer and much cleaner. Wee!
Here I have met up with a couple people I first met while working in Florida and have enjoyed many meals and nights catching up.  I even had my first pickle martini....not going to lie, not bad at all. 
One of my big events this week was to stop by NYC Fashion week at its new home at Lincoln Center.  Prior to my attendance this week I watched a documentary on Hulu titled Tents which told the history of fashion week and its new home this year.  For anyone interested in fashion, history, or even NYC, I recommend it.  I made my way to Lincoln Center to drop off resumes for Christmas specials at both Lincoln Center and NYC Ballet and decided to spend a couple hours people watching and let’s be honest...judging.  I found a whole lot of fun simply dressed myself in shorts, flip flops, and a short sleeved button down.  The experience told me a lot about what I thought was something else all together.  Yes, there were cameras every where and very dressed up people.  But what I found interesting, besides the occasional celebrity sighting, the people getting their pictures taken time after time where the people WITH the cameras.  Fashion lovers trading pictures, trading business cards, and trying to get info for their fashion blogs.  Weird right?  Even photographers only there to try and get styled photos of other photographers hard at work shooting.  Not to say I didn’t see important people.  I saw Joan Rivers, Kendall Jenner, that really tan bald guy that I cant think of or find him thru searches, and many other people I wasn't sure who they were.  Right before I decided to go I stayed around and watched people mingle and drink at the outdoor Juicy Couture gala.  Oh so many funny people and wild personalities.  If nothing else, this city is giving me lots of people watching and character development for future use.  Enjoy some shots from the evening I spend at Lincoln Center.

Yes, that's a ridding crop.

Mind you this man was taking pictures and coaching here with a turn, point, and shoot throw away camera.

The courtyard.

Obvi there this would happen there too.

Both boys...

I also visited Central Park this past week and very Marry Poppins or Bed Knobs and Broom Sticks of me, took a nap on a bench with a saxophone player near by.  There are so many things going on all at once when you are in the park.  People selling things, people working out and just sitting/napping, artists working and creating, and kids playing and laughing.  I for sure will make this a regular visit during my time here in the city!

Mostly, I have been doing a lot of planned and unplanned thinking and stressing over my current life situations.  Many phone calls resulting in tears of happiness and fear, and many reminders that I knew this wasn’t going to be easy or fast.  My brother reminded me today, "You need to go back to your roots to see why you are doing this.  Florida, College, High School works, and even dreams as a kid.  All those things lead to where you are today and have given you the grounding and drive to keep doing what you love."  Well, hell if he isn’t freaking correct 100%!  A smart man he is reminding little brother things will be okay and work if I keep trying.  It’s so nice to be reminded he is just as proud of me, if not more than all the other people that have my back with all this.

I still don’t know when I will be home again next or even what next week looks like.  I just know if I don’t give this move my all, I will someday regret not trying or only half assing it.  So, in closing, I am happy to report that this morning I received my first call!  The wardrobe union and I will be meeting Thursday afternoon for my orientation into the system.  A stepping stone that will hopefully bring more good things to come.

Much love and thanks for prayers and good thoughts.
Roof top picture of Harlem before the skype wedding.
P.S. I had a coule videos from fashion week and Central Park that I couldn't get to work. Those soon!

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