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Monday, November 5, 2012

Dreams and seams.

I’ll be totally honest, there is going to be a lot of big news in this post!  I actually had the thought the other day, if I was better about updating you all on a weekly basis, writing these wouldn’t be such a task in trying to get everything in and not miss a single juicy part.  I really do think of you all that follow on a regular basis, and how I want you to know everything as if you were right there with me on the winding road I travel these days.  I guess you'll just have to come visit!!!

NYC; Yes, that’s the place!  Today, I find myself sitting/sleeping on the same wonderful couch I started on just over 2 months ago.  Housing is finding itself to be a struggle in that I get close to feeling like I have something, and either I see the place and its not what I thought it would be, or the people pull it out from under me for someone else they know (this one has happened three times now).  I am looking at a couple more places tonight, and I am also in talks with a wonderful new friend about maybe taking a place in his apartment.  He is thinking he wants to convert his living room in his apartment in efforts to start carrying a roomy.  I'll know more soon but please pray for closure on something soon as the holidays are coming and so is the cold and snow.  I will say though, I have some of my best friends here in this city; so warm, welcoming, and willing to do whatever it takes for me even if that means I am back on her couch for the third time in 2 months.  All that and never once asking when will I be leaving.  She is a pretty amazing person.  I thank God and her family for instilling such a loving heart in her.  During this life transition, I am even more thankful for patients and generosity in others.

Ready for my first night at Lion King....later found out black isn't what they wear there.
Other than housing, life has been a dream come true.  To date, I have been working at the Lion King on Broadway for just over a month (after 3 weeks of beng in the city) and have learned 6 of the 16 wardrobe tracks (Tracks learned = Male Dancers, Mufasa/Simba, Scar/Zazu, Male Singers, a mixed Male/Female singer track, and Nala/Shenzi/Rafiki/Timon) making myself a valuable member of the swing team.  Everyone is very supportive of me at LK even commenting on a regular basis things like,

“Another track!?” “Holy shit Court, whose job are you gunning for!?” “Didn’t you learn a new track just yesterday!? Now you’re doing another one tonight!?”

Not trying to take someone’s job thats for sure, just trying to learn and keep growing.  I love the show and most of the people have been more than welcoming to me.  Not only have I been able to step in and dress some amazing track thus far, I have recently been given the opportunity to start stitching on day work shifts, and this week I will start working rehearsals and even work a couple early morning television spots dressing actors.  I will be a part of a couple different Good Morning America and Night Line spots in the next couple weeks.  Oh, this would probably make those TV spots a bit more clear…November 13th is the Lion Kings 15th Anniversary of being on Broadway.  There is a special anniversary show on November 18th were all sorts of extra people from past shows/the creative team will be implemented back into the show in special spots.  There will also be a small 3rd act added to the show with a once in a life time “Circle of Life” sung in native languages by 7 different Rafifkis representing 7 countries that Lion King is based in.  Lots of things will be happening in the next couple weeks and I am so excited to be a part of it!  Ill try and lwt you know when tv things will be happeing....even though you wont be seeing me directly.  I also get to go to the BIG party that will follow the hwpenings/shows!!!  I could not ask for more in the way of work at this point, I am happy and I am doing things I love.  The people are amazing, and I can tell am making some new life long friends.  I AM the young guy at work….and trust me I get shit for it on an hourly basis….but I know I have the skill to be doing what I am doing at this age!  Here I can only learn more and get even stronger at my craft.
Lion King theatre enterance
Back of house shot pre-show.
The theatre from up stage center.

I have clocked all my local union days and will be paying my money this week and be inducted at the members meeting in a couple weeks.  All of this has come so fast and even I don’t really know how.  I am very blessed though, and trust me when I say, I take NONE of this for granted.  I have been told I will be kept busy during the holiday season even if that means lots of day calls.  My supervisor added,

“I don’t want to lose you, so we will do what we can to keep you busy. No ones leaving at the moment so…”

Not totally sure what he meant by that, but I am happy just to be working at the moment.  I know he has been very impressed with my sewing skills and speed during my day work so that alone boasts well for me.
The lobby view of Time Square at night.

Back stage shot of storage.


A bit of back stage fun waiting for my actors.

On a bigger NYC topic, Sandy has done quite a bit of damage.  The city is pulling together and things are quickly returning to the way they were little by little.  Trains service is growing daily and more and more buildings are gaining electricity and heat again.  I was lucky enough to be safe and sound thru the storm, but many others whrere not so lucky.  Prayers go to those still suffering day to day.  Around the city you can find many nightly benifit shows raising money for efforts toward regrowth.

Life is busy once again and I love it!  Housing will fall into place I know, and then I will feel like this move is a bit more complete.  I look forward to unpacking the couple boxes that still sit in a friend’s car trunk.  I also can’t wait to do a bit more city exploring with all the free time I am currently spending looking for a place.  I also am going to start learning  to knit!  Another skill I’ll be able to add to a resume lol.

I miss you all and hope all is well with the holidays around the corner.  Not sure I’ll be home for them directly, but soon after I am hoping.  If I work the season, some good money and extra shows are there.  Tough being a big kid these days…but I get to be a big kid that plays with lions so… J

Central park in late September.

Central Park Zoo Late September
Princess Kate Middleton in Time Square early October. Shot from the Lion King Lobby.
Went and saw this. It was the first Colombian Musical to show in the USA.  Kinda weird but cool to be a part of it.

More soon

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