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Monday, February 18, 2013

Ringing in the New Year with Style.

2013 was brought in with style for sure!  Well, that was until I arrived home at my apartment at 8:30 AM.  No, it was an AMAZING night full of new and newer friends, a ton of laughs, multiple bar hops around Hell's Kitchen, and for sure some drinks. 

New Years Eve was spent dressing a matinee show of the Lion King at the Minskoff Theatre in NYC.  I was lucky to pass thru all the security gates and check points in order get to work, and see from above in the warmth of the theatre lobby, all the craziness of Time Square.  Unlike anything you will ever see anywhere else.  All those people in the cold, trapped in cages all day without even the simple thing of a bathroom.  I don’t know that I will ever see the ball drop that way in NYC and am okay with doing it on TV at a party with friends.  After the afternoon show, I left Midtown and all the blocked off subway stations and arrived home making a half of a Costco margarita pizza and popping a bottle of wine to relax.  I soon after received a couple gathering offers back in the city with Lion King friends.  I decided I need to make memories of my first New Years in the city so that I did.  I got dressed again making my way back to 49th street just above Time Square to a friends beautiful studio apartment full of his closest friends....that in itself was amazing to me.  I was invited to a party with these people from all walks of life that met thru Kellen...and I got to be a part of that! Shortly after the ball dropped Kellen gave a speech talking about that very thing.  He said that through all the things in his life the people in the room have meant the most to him and wanted all of us to love each other the way he loves us.  Talk about a great talker and movement maker he is.  My year was set to a standard at that very moment.  Shortly after that...when the mood jumped back up....we put on our coats and started to bar hop around his area of town.  A couple bar later, we found a good spot and stayed there until the bar kicked us out to close.  A night cap...morning?...was the next step back at his apartment until I knew I was tired and needed to head home.  A slow subway ride home later I slept really well most of that afternoon. 

NYE Eve Prep

NYE Eve Prep

NYE Eve Prep from the Lobby.
January has for sure been a month of style and friends!  This last month I got to welcome a mentor from college and students from my university on a study abroad trip that I was part of 4 years prior.  The third trip of this Jan Term program visited for roughly three weeks and gave me the opportunity to catch up with friends and meet new amazing students ready for the next parts of their careers.  I found myself rejuvenated and hopeful for what I could have next in my life.  More meals, shows, drinks, and fun was had with this group...maybe that’s the theme of this year?... 
While my mentor and even better friend Brooke was in the city I was able to spend some great one on one time with her talking about my career, hopes, dreams, and even share some of the perks of my life these days.  Arranged from ahead of time, she brought some of her best duds and we hit the town for a Lion King actor’s 50th Birthday party high atop The Sky Room.  A party is never a simple party with that group of friends and a night it was!  I wouldn’t have wanted anyone else with me that night to share in the personal grand entrance of the host, the songs for him, A runway style picture wall, dances, and wonderful cake made by my housemate.  The bar alone was unlike anything I have witnessed.  A bar full floor bar on the 36th story above the city just below Time Square with a glass walls that allowed for a full view of Manhattan in any direction.  The Empire State Building was just blocks away at eye big deal or anything!

Just my buddy and I with our routine party picture like always.
January ended strong and February started with a bang, subbing a three week stint in the principle hallway at Lion King with three amazing ladies who treated me so well.  I was actually sad to have to leave the room on my last night...I guess I know I'm working somewhere worth wild and I am doing what’s right for me right now.  The down fall of February is that work has slowed expected though.  I knew there would be a time when Holiday season ended, vacations that weren’t able to be taken until after ended, all the tracks would be learned.  That time is now.  This week I only worked a couple day calls and was called for one subbing shift at Lion King.  I miss the people! lol,  I jumped back onto contacts with other shows I had turned down when starting my 4 month stint with Lion King, and asked for work.  After a couple days worrying and not knowing what’s next, I was called and booked at Mamma Mia again for almost a full 2 weeks over roughly a 3 week period.  I will do a couple day calls, sub the one track I have already learned there, and learn and sub a new track (a male principle track).  Yay work.  I since have booked a couple more days of day work at Lion King this week.  I am living the true life of a swing in the city.  Its a bit stessful but, I came to the realization that; after coming to the city, finding 4 months of steady work after 3 weeks, and now having a couple says off; I have to take a couple knocks and not have everything come so easy.  I'm getting used to that.

This week I had more friends in town too...and being I had time off from work I got to see them in way I never would have been able to if I was working every night.  I had a fellow intern from Florida arrive for a day this week.  He was auditioning for a cruse ship and it was nice to see him even if it was just for an hour walking around midtown.  Two fellow Alums from school where also here on breaks from their work with the Missoula Children’s Theatre company.  Last but not least, this week I had long time family friends from wrestling as a child.  I sadly was not able to see them but talked to them on the phone while they were seeing their suns place here in the city. Adam and I will have to meet up soon too as I haven’t been able to meet up with him since I arrived.  Last night I was able to FINALLY after multiple turn downs, see my lovely friend sing.  The same doll who took me in for almost a month when I was couch surfing.  She sang back up with a NYC singer at a club.  It was so wonderful seeing her on stage again and doing what she is meant to do.

As you can see, I have been busy, and am now learning to enjoy my time off....spending that time more at the gym which is a win in itself.  This past month or so has really grounded me and I am rejuvenated in my art and career.  I love my life and am learning to spend it a bit just for me in the moment.  Who knows what’s next...but, Ill take it moment by moment hopefully.

I miss home lots and am trying to figure out when I will be home next.  I've received my first couple summer wedding save the dates...maybe I will be able to hit a couple of those....and no, not even a step closer to that in my life...I might as well be running backwards from that haha

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