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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Wet suits, platform boots, plus a pig and a mirror cat.

Time...It amazes me how February seemed to creep day to day and now I cant seem to hang on to March to save my life.  What a month and a half it has been since I last posted.  Fun times, great visits, big news, and weather that just isn't sure what to do.

February was slow and my "more regular work" swinging at Lion King slowed quickly as well.  I knew it was going to happen sooner or later.  I found myself knowing all the tracks there and only being able to sub when needed.  I quickly jumped back into the resume world getting things ready to hit the streets again.  I also reconnected with the shows that wanted me to come work with them but I wasn't able to at those times.  Luckily I booked almost three weeks with Mamma Mia on Broadway and knew I would have those days worth of work in the beginning of March.  The best part of that!...I would get to see the wonderful Stacia that I worked with on Next to Normal back in Florida last year.  Back at Mamma Mia I subbed the male ensemble track I originally learned in about a crash course the first night after that long....and then two more days after that.  I was also blessed in this booking stint to learn a new track in the building and then get to sub it for almost 2 weeks.  I worked with the male principles in the show.  The three dads and the daughters boyfriend in the show.  Great men!  I had a lot of fun with them and I was actually a bit sad to be leaving when my time was done.  While working at Mia again I got all the experience one could want with wetsuits, Lycra rock jumpsuits, and platform boots.  I can't work a normal dressed show can I?

Mamma Mia house from up center stage.
I tried on Stacia's swim cap...don't tell!
 Right at the beginning of March my sister in law came to town after making a trip to D.C. for work.  She convinced them to let her fly to NYC and then fly home because it was cheaper for them.  She spent a couple days and nights with me and I tried to give her her first NYC visit crash course quickly.  We enjoyed a trip on the Staten Island Ferry to see the Statue of Liberty, a night of Costco Margarita pizza and some wine, sushi, shopping in the city, and even a New jersey Devils NHL game....just to name a few of our doings.  I LOVED having her with me for the couple of days and didn't want her to leave.  I'll admit, as the car drove away from the airport, I fought tears back but had to wipe a few.  Words cant explain how important my family is to me and how much they give me life.  I can't wait to get home next!

The day my sister left I jumped into my stint at Mia.  While working there I was also lucky enough to start doing some day work doing an ironing call on Fridays.  I've learned the person who had been doing that call is no longer available for it, thus why I have been doing it, and I hope to maybe get that call permanently.  Hopes and prayers please!  It would be another for sure 4 hours of work every week in the pocket book.  Just coming off my Mia work I dressed, between Mia and a couple last minute day off subs at Lion King, 17 shows in 12 days and worked 17+ hours of day work, rehearsals, etc.  Oy!

Now...I know some of you maybe wondered what I meant by "Big News" in my first paragraph.  It's kind of a crazy story.  The night I was with my sister at the hockey game, I got a text from the wardrobe supervisor at  Lion King saying "he might have some dressing work for me starting the 3/26 for 6 months on a principal track and was I interested".  Through that eve and the next morning I spoke with him in a couple different media ways, and learned through him and a couple other people in the building, the current principal dresser put in his two weeks minutes before I was called and I could take his gig.  Long story short I have taken the position and start for the first time FULL TIME on Broadway this coming Tuesday!!!  I can't tell you how amazing, crazy, exciting, scary, and blessed I feel all at once.  At this moment I will be full time for 6 months.  The man leaving has taken a new non theatre related job back home in up state New York and his position comes with a 6 month trial basis.  He is covering himself in case things don't work out, but knowing him and the computer job he is taking, I will be shocked if he returns to the show.  I was told this could become permanent permanent if I wanted when they know he is not returning.  Time will tell...I'm just taking the 6 months for now and not over stepping.

That's my life to date...Kind of boring and not much to write about other than the couple big events.  On days off I have been trying to focus more on myself as a person and my home and personal needs.  I have gotten back into bargain shopping for more room decor and am working on building a couple lighting fixtures/shades for my space.  I have been trying a few new restaurants with a little help from others and have even eating new things like grilled chicken hearts from a Brazilian place (not bad either even though they totally were full hearts I just ate whole).  Along with my adventures I am working hard again in the gym working on my summer body to hit the NY area beaches and the rooftops for daily tanning.  Lets see how good I can look eh?
I miss my friends and family a lot this month and am working toward figuring out a trip home for a couple weeks during the summer.  I hate missing out on things like friend cruises (a group of my friends fly out tomorrow to board the boat on Saturday) so hopefully I can figure out something fun when home.  Have a blast on the boat all, and I'll maybe catch you in a tube on the river in July!

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